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  1. 嗨,最近好吗?一直关注你的blog,从windows live space到这里,跟着你一起成长,分享你的故事。从来没有留言,有时候也偶尔会在某个饭店看到你,却觉得不打扰,静静地擦身而过就好。最近经历一些事情,人比较脆弱。。。觉得你就像一个老朋友一样,呵呵,啰嗦两句在这里。。。祝好。

    • it has been extremely blue for me too, but there is always something that pops up to cheer me up, like the sunshine today? always have faith, and believe in what you believe. thx for following, walk up and say hi next time =) i would love to meet you!!

      w/ love, cecilia

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