Someone like u

Tons of pictures were taken in the holidays.

And this is the only one I want to post.


Maybe it’s not there anymore, but I’m still happy about what we have right now. I’m still grateful I got to meet someone like you in my life.

What are we gonna be like in 20 years? Have u thot about that? Are we still gonna be glad that this person is still somewhere deep inside of our hearts? Or it won’t matter to both of us because all the memories are too blurry to memorize?

Nevertheless, I feel lucky that I got to see you on the first day of 2012, however… I wish I could meet you in a better way, less dramatic way… But oh well… You’ve seen the ugly me in all angles so I guess it does not make any difference to you. That was good enough.

There was a million times I prayed that you would pop out out of no where like a super hero which you didn’t, but at least this time u made it. 5 o’clock in the morning, January 1st 2012, you were standing right there, I could hardly see anything with tears and melted mascara in my eyes, but it was you, and I knew it.

Holidays are over, time to get back to reality.

May my 2012 be full of love, laughers, peace and success.


6 thoughts on “Someone like u

  1. 城堡这么多年了。还是会来的。

    • 是这样的哦~公主去开一个吧 城堡已经在我搜藏夹里很多年了呢 原谅我偶尔才会冒一个泡~~ 一起成长吧!

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