From September till
now~ it’s alrdy been 6 months, nothing’s changed…I guess you can say
I haven’t got anything, and I haven’t lost anything yet either…can be
both a bad thing or a good thing to me…Mocha is still here, Pug is still here, I am still so in love with them and also being loved at the same time.

Ppl always say love is never
enough when young couples have to face everything in their life together, I guess this theory
only makes sense for puppy love, cause at this point in time, I’m still
having the strong feeling that love is all that we need, and we can get
thru everything, anything, with each other’s love, and I’ve never had a
single doubt about it, I wish he could feel the same, even when we’ve
been arguing a lot in a these past few days~

Talked to Iris for one and a half hr on the fone last night~ just
realized this blog witnesses 3 relationships that I’ve been thru, 2
failed ones, still don’t know if this one’s gonna work out eventually.
I am not a real princess, I’m just not that lucky to be pretty everyday
and hoping one day Prince Charming is coming to rescue me and
bring me a happy ending. So I keep telling myself I should keep the
faith that one day, after all the heartbreaks, frustration, betrayal,
and lies, there is this one guy, he might not be as cute as Prince
Charming, but still has the warmest smile on his face~ might not be
able to give me a magic carpet ride, but he is still willing to show me
the world~ he doesn’t have to sing me a lullaby before I go to bed, but he never give me a reason that keeps me tossing and turning at night~ he has female friends and he keeps his distance, not because sth bad’s gonna happen if he doesn’t do so but because he knows that I am just a normal girl that likes to get jealous sometimes~ he doesn’t only accept all my flaws but also tries his best to
help me bring out the best in me….

I know it’s a little too early to say "and… here he is~!"…

but one day…

one day…

I am praying…


6 thoughts on “ONE DAY…

  1. 说完跟我打了一个半小时电话,然后我就没下文了???!!!我想跟你说个事儿,但是一打电话就忘了说。下次记得提醒我啊。MD,这新msn不好用,也不显示你的space更新了。我今天又把EDM拿出来用了一下,好像还行。我还是觉得你去tanning吧,娃哈哈哈哈!!!配上大浓妆,哇丢,脱胎换骨了就。吧哈哈哈哈!!!

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